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Everyone's collagen gradually suffers physical wear and tear due to its own genetic heritage and various environmental factors (such as smoking, alcohol, oxidative stress, exposure to the sun, bad eating habits, and an incorrect lifestyle).
The loss of collagen is evident with the first wrinkles and a progressive loss of skin tone.

The process that attempts to restore tone and firmness to skin that has begun to yield to the force of gravity is called skin tightening.

Today's skin tightening treatments do not require cosmetic surgery or use of fillers. With its leading-edge technologies it stimulates collagen getting non-invasive or minimally invasive firming with no side effects.

Recourse to surgical lifting and filler injections, can often lead to considerable problems.
Lifting is a highly invasive operation, usually calling for general anaesthesia, 1 or 2 days hospitalisation, a varying but long period for complete recovery and an important risk of heavy side effects.
The use of fillers can create mild to severe intolerance reactions, with bruising and allergic dermatitis, abscesses, granulomas and the formation of dark marks.

To avoid these undesirable side-effects, Clinimed wide range of systems for skin tightening, exploiting different techniques and sources. aimed at stimulating endogenous collagen to restore compactness and tightness to the skin.