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Product Description

  • Lip volume augmentation.
  • Lip contour definition and correction.
  • Correction of a disproportionate upper or lower lip size.
  • Reducing perioral lines or smoker’s lines above the upper lip.
  • Restoring lip hydration (treatment for red dry lips)

Symmetrical and full lips are a feature of youthful attractiveness. Lips reach their fullness around our early twenties. As we age, natural substances that provide the skin with structure and volume, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, decrease. This, along with environmental factors such as exposure to sun damage, smoking, etc., all contributes to how our lips age and form wrinkles. Over time the corners of the mouth also begin to droop resulting in the mouth frown. The shape of the upper lip known as the Cupid’s bow begins to flatten out and we start to lose the appearance of having full lips and volume.

STYLAGE® Special Lips has been specifically designed to enhance the lips, creating subtle fullness and replacing the lost lip structure found with aging.

STYLAGE® Special Lips is also available with a local anaesthetic, lidocaine, for a greater comfort during the procedure.

Contraindications, recommendations and precautions for use: consult your physician prior to the procedure.

STYLAGE® Composition Concentration Volume Needles Depth of injection Duration
Special Lips Cross-linked
Hyaluronic Acid
IPN-Like +
18,5 mg/g 1 x 1 ml 30 G1/2 Into or around labial mucosa ≈ 6-9 months
Special Lips
Hyaluronic Acid
IPN-Like +
Mannitol +
0.3% of Lidocaine
18,5 mg/g 1 x 1 ml 30 G1/2 Into or around labial mucosa ≈ 6-9 months

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