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Motus LD

Motus LD

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Product Description

Laser hair removal methods has grown significantly in recent years due to the increasing demand of mindful customers – both men and women.

In this regard, diode laser has taken on a significant role because of its particular characteristics, providing unsurpassed reliability, ease of use and effectiveness.

Motus LD is the DEKA answer to this increasing request from the hair removal market. A growing clientele ought to permanent hair removal, rapid and comfortable. Hence, DEKA broadens its product range with the new Motus LD for the elimination of superfluous hair. Motus LD is the latest generation of diode laser that expands the market offer and profitability of a Medical Centre and achieves highest patient satisfaction.

The Motus LD handpiece combines the use of a high-power 810 nm diode, guaranteed to be effective and having the exclusive CoolWin technology that cools the skin to be treated. This improves patient comfort and safeguards the skin from the laser’s thermal action.

Motus LD emits a rapid sequence of laser pulses that penetrates deeply in the skin to reach and selectively eliminate all the regenerative parts of the hair follicle.

Motus LD can also be utilized in a dynamic mode by selecting the Smooth-Pulse for efficacious, comfortable and fast treatment.


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Motus LD